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Painting Basics
Children 5 - 9 y.o
Sundays 10h-12h
15/01, 22/01, 29/01, 5/02
Mini-course 175€
5 lessons
If you want to develop and harness your child’s creative skills, while giving them a basic knowledge of composition and colour, as well as honoring their self-expression – then this mini-course is the ideal place to start!

During this course, built from easy to complex, your child will go through a fascinating journey: from getting acquainted with materials and the color wheel to creating still life, depicting a strange underwater world and vast expanses of space.
As a result of this course is 5 children’s artworks made with acrylic paint on artist’s board

The programme:
1. Learn about color and tone. Understanding the color wheel. Find out which colors are warm and which are cold. Create the Cactus artwork and learn how to mix different shades of green by mixing blue and yellow
2. Underwater World artwork. We repeat the basics of color theory. We are painting an underwater landscape in which cold shades (whale, water) coexist with warm ones (fish, algae).
3. Lighthouse artwork. We draw an illustration with a lighthouse. We learn to make tonal and color transitions, work with the composition, transmit the mood.
4. Space artwork. Learning to use more water to get spectacular smooth color transitions. Learn how to create sky full of stars.

What is included in mini course:
· The total of 5 lessons 1.5hour each with detailed explanations and guide by the professional artist
· All materials your child needs: gloves, apron, acrylic paint, artist boards/canvas and use of any tools
· All artworks created during this course

What this mini course will give your child:
  • Getting to know the basics art techniques
  • Ability to build simple composition, select and mix colors
  • Repetition of the theory covered in an interesting form for a child
  • The child’s confidence in his/her creative abilities. After completing this course it will not be difficult or scary to create an artwork.

Place: Art Space Studio – 421 rue de Neudorf, LU-2220 Luxembourg
Time: 10:00 – 11:30
Dates: 15/01, 22/01, 29/01, 05/02, 12/02

We have a maximum capacity of 10 seats per event. To guarantee your place, we recommend booking your ticket through our website.

Cancellation policy: As this is a mini-course you need to inform us at least 10 days before the start of course to get full refund. Art Space cannot reimburse your participation after this date.

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