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Stasia - Founder of Art Space
My name is Stasia and I am a Mixed Media Artist.

I created Art Space as a place where everyone can explore their creativity.

If you still think that painting and art is the hobby reserved for the most talented and gifted people, we are here to prove that anyone at any skill level can paint or create!
Edit - Fluid Art Artist
According to a Hungarian idiom my name reflects a creative character, who seeks for exploring new ideas and is fond of traveling.

I couldn't agree more and fluid art enables me to be creative, provides endless options and makes me happy. Hope that I can share the positive vibes via my art.

About Us
At ArtSpace we believe that art is available to anyone!

What we offer:
- You need art to decorate the walls of your home? You can buy one of the available paintings in our shop or order a painting to match the design of your home. We will create the unique art at affordable prices!
- You are based in Luxembourg and would like to improve your art skills? Join the art events that we organize in the best restaurants in Luxembourg!
- You are thinking about a unique private event? We will help you organize birthdays, corporate events, bachelorette parties with an art twist!
- You would like to practice art in the comfort of your home? Get yourself one of our art box and practice at home following the step by step video

We do the best we can do to make your art journey easy and a fun experience!

I really enjoyed my first fluid art experience. Stasia is a great teacher and knows a variety of techniques that she explains and you can choose from. It’s great to be able to experiment with colors and invent your own unique pattern. Best therapy!
Stasia invited me to have one fluid art session with her and it has made me ask for more. She brought me back to my childhood days, when I had fun while painting. I am totally going to resume on to my artistic side.
My experience of learning and creating with Stasia has developed a new passion for me! I am impressed with her patience and expertise and I recommend it incredibly for those who are looking to dig deeper into their creativity!
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