Acrylic Painting KIDS

This course is designed for kids from 7 y.o to 12 y.o.
The course is in English
This mini-course is suitable for beginners and for students who want to take their painting skills to the next level.
Nearest start date:
Sunday, 14 January
The course consists of 5 lessons on Sundays
90% practice and 10% theory

Course program

First Lesson: Astronaut
In this lesson we will an astronaut the moon. We will convey the texture of the lunar craters and work out the details of the spacesuit. Finally, let's add thousands of stars with one stroke of the brush.
By painting this colourful fruit we will learn how to show colour transitions and shades of the oval fruit. We will work with basic colours and create our own version of orange, turquoise and dark blue.
Second lesson: Papaya
We will create the beautiful landscape in pink and orange colours and learn how to show the transition from lighter to darker colours. To complete we will also paint two palm trees.
Fourth lesson: Pink Sunset
Third lesson: Water Lily
Painting a flower will teach you how to create more sophisticated shades of each flower pedal and create many shades of green and blue to recreate the water.

Fifth lesson: Flamingo
Paint a fun artwork of flamingo and learn how to create shape of the flamingo with its beautiful feathers and the tanned sunglasses.
What is included in the course:
Five 2h art sessions
All materials: canvas 30x40 cm or 30x30 cm, acrylic paint, use of brushes etc
A printout of reference pictures to follow the instructions
A drink (water or juice) for every session
Time and Place:
Art Space Studio (421 rue de Neudorf, LU-2220)
January 14, Sunday
January 21, Sunday
January 28, Sunday
February 4, Sunday
February 11, Sunday
Promo until 10 January
Cost per course:
€200 instead of €220

The course teacher
Alvira Ferreira is a visual artist from Cape Town, South Africa who has relocated to Luxembourg. She works mostly in oil paint and collage. The concepts she explores are of human interactions and intervention in specific times and space. Her work speaks about how we live, how we could live and the unforeseen things in life. The pieces she makes ask how the ordinary and the extraordinary interact and show how there are no unimportant things in life. She loves working on collaborative art projects and enjoys spreading the creative spirit through teaching art classes.
Cancellation Policy
Please note in case of missed class the fee cannot be reimbursed. In case you need to cancel your participation in the course please note that we accept 10 days’ notice in order to reimburse 100% of the amount and we can reimburse only 50% after this date and 0% from the start of the course. Missed workshops cannot be recovered.
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