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Acrylic Painting KIDS

This course is designed for kids from 6 y.o to 10 y.o
This mini-course is suitable for beginners and for students who want to take their painting skills to the next level.
Nearest start date:
Sunday, 15 January
The course lasts for 1 month and consists of 5 lessons
90% practice and 10% theory

Course program

In the theoretical part of the lesson we will cover the following:

- Tools and materials for the course
- How to choose the right equipment
- Exercises for setting the hand and types of brush strokes
- Mixing colors (Itten's color wheel)

In this lesson, you will learn how to properly mix paints and match colors, create shades of green or creating shades on bright background.
First Lesson: Painting a plant
Second lesson: Painting fruits
In the lesson, we will move to a more complicated artwork and paint a whole branch with leaves, flowers and fruits. You will create a drawing with bright lemons.

In this lesson, you will learn how to convey volume and texture using gouache.

In this lesson we will visit underwater! You will learn how to convey the full depth of color and paint a lovely fish. In the lesson, you will try yourself in animalistics, learn how to convey the shine of the scales and the shape of the fish.

Third lesson: Painting the fish
Fourth lesson: Painting an food
Paint a delicious hot dog! In this lesson, you will practice creating realistic food sketches, conveying the volume, color and texture of a bun, sausage and neat mustard strips.
In the final lesson you will create a bright picture with a stylish llama, learn how to convey the proportions of the animal, the texture of wool and fashion accessories.
Fifth lesson: Painting an animal
What is included in the course:
Five 2h-2.5h art sessions
All materials: canvas board 30x40cm, acrylic paint, use of brushes etc
A printout with theory basics and pictures of the future artworks to look at
A drink of your choice for every session
Time and Place:
Art Space Studio (421 rue de Neudorf, LU-2220)
January 15, Sunday
January 22, Sunday
January 29, Sunday
February 04, Saturday
February 05, Sunday
Cost per course
The course teacher
Hello! My name is Anastasiia Kharina and I am the founder of Art Space in Luxembourg! For the last two years I organize art workshops in Luxembourg which eventually developed into opening an art studio in Neudorf. I speak English, French, Ukrainian and Russian.

Art Space is one of the most forward-looking art studios in Europe with many unique workshops such as resin art, fluid art, gold art etc. The idea in which I strongly believe is there a type of art for everyone. You just need to try and discover what kind of art represents you in the best way.
Cancellation Policy
Please note in case of missed class the fee cannot be reimbursed. In case you need to cancel your participation in the course please note that we accept 10 days’ notice in order to reimburse 100% of the amount and we can reimburse only 50% after this date and 0% from the start of the course.
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