Conceptual development art course

Learn how to communicate with your art! Create meaningful art that is unique to you. This course will unlock your creative voice.
Nearest start date:
Monday, 26 February
The course lasts for 5 weeks and consists of 5 lessons

Course program

During the course we will cover the following topics:

Create a workbook:
In this lesson we will explore how to start gathering visual inspiration and do experimental play in an artist workbook
• Mark making
• Learn how to do art research
• Set your visual intentions
• Brainstorming and mind mapping
• Play!

Think outside the box by doing free association exercises.
• Use different strategies for a fresh perspective
• Collage images or objects together
• Decontextualize/Recontextualize
• Play with scale or opposites

Make visual comparisons to highlight a discrepancy or show similarities.
• Create comparisons
• Emphasize opposites
• Change the properties of something
• Visual and written poetry
• Map/grid/archive
• Visual and conceptual tension. Outward and inward
Making Strange:
Juxtaposition: Visual similes between ideas objects, people or images.
Documenting life
We will look at the anthropology (objects, habits, life events, beliefs or dreams) of our own lives as a starting point for making art
• Me and my objects, idiosyncrasies, obsessions, habits, rituals and lifechanging events
• Documentation in art
• Document your personal objects, habits, a life events, beliefs, or dreams. Draw, record, or describe them in writing from a few different angles.
Learn about symbolic elements in artworks by the masters and create your own visual symbols for your art.
• Symbolism in art
• Colour symbolism
• Create your own symbols
• Draw or paint and describe them in writing
What is included in the course:
Five 2h30 art sessions
All materials needed
A drink of your choice for every session
Time and Place:
Art Space Studio (421 rue de Neudorf, LU-2220)
February 26, Monday
March 4, Monday
March 11, Monday
March 18, Monday
March 25, Monday
Cost per course
Possible to purchase individual sessions at €60 per session. Please get in touch!
The course teacher
Alvira Ferreira is a visual artist from Cape Town, South Africa who has relocated to Luxembourg. She works mostly in oil paint and collage. The concepts she explores are of human interactions and intervention in specific times and space. Her work speaks about how we live, how we could live and the unforeseen things in life. The pieces she makes ask how the ordinary and the extraordinary interact and show how there are no unimportant things in life. She loves working on collaborative art projects and enjoys spreading the creative spirit through teaching art classes.
Cancellation Policy
Please note in case of missed class the fee cannot be reimbursed. In case you need to cancel your participation in the course please note that we accept 10 days’ notice in order to reimburse 100% of the amount and we can reimburse only 50% after this date and 0% from the start of the course. Missed workshops cannot be recovered.
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