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The Art of Wishing
Friday, 2 December, 18:00
Art Space Studio
Adult 80€
The most important workshop of December! New year is coming and it's a new beginning! It's custom to make wishes for the upcoming year. But did you know there is a way to make a wish? And increase the chance of it coming true? Well, we will tell you exactly what to do this December to bring everything you want in your life!

Before the festive December fever sets in, we invite you to stop for a moment and ask yourself
WHAT IF in 2023

everything you wanted came true?
your LIFE looked like you‘ve ever dreamed...
YOU would BE and FEEL like you always wanted…

This event shall be dedicated to conscious WISHING and creating your VISION BOARD for the year 2023.

For your wishes and desires to materialize, firstly it is important to know them clearly. Because a clear wish is like a subconscious decision to take your life in the direction you want. It motivates us and DIRECTS to ACTION.

VISION BOARD (collage technique) is a great way to open up and speak to your inner self - your conscious and subconscious mind.
Collage making is like entering into a dialogue with yourself and your inner self. It helps us to understand and express ourselves better. It is as if collage gives form to dreams, a connection to the world of matter. And the interpretation of the collage deepens the understanding of oneself and brings even more thoughts, insights, ideas and perceptions.

What Is There For You:
  1. You will discover what is real power of wishing, understand more about the concept of wishing
  2. You will create YOUR VISION about yourself: what you want to BE? how you want to feel? etc
  3. Your personal VISION BOARD 2023 (collage)
  4. You will clarify your wishes, dreams and goals for the year 2023

About the Workshop:
  • Welcome and introductions
  • Egle will guide you through the topic of wishing
  • Art workshop: creating collage for the year 2023
  • Closing discussion and wine.

What is included:
  • Session by a certified therapeutic coach around the topic
  • Art materials and art session around vision board making
  • Wine and finger food offered (cheese, meat boars)

About Therapist

Egle Adamonyte is a certified therapeutic coach and mindfulness teacher, member of Mindfulness Association and Lithuanian Trauma Psychology Association, in her practice applying somatic therapy methods, art therapy, meditation, breathing and grounding techniques. She consults and coaches women facing expatriation challenges, going through career and relationships crisis, experiencing self-confidence and body image related matters.

We have a maximum capacity of 10 seats per event. To guarantee your place, we recommend booking your ticket through our website.
Whether you’re a complete beginner or an advanced artist – there’s something for everyone!
All of our paint designs are broken down by level, and come with detailed illustrations on how to paint them. You will also be painting under the watchful guidance of the artist at the event. The entire artistic retreat is designed for your enjoyment – so come try out a new hobby, or improve your existing skills!
Cancellation policy: Inform us at least 24h in advance to move your reservation or get reimbursement. Art Space cannot reimburse your participation after this date.
Photographic consent: We may invite photographer to the event to take photo/video for promotion purposes. If you don’t want to be on photo – please let Art Space staff know. Otherwise, we’ll accept your consent by default to use the photo on our website or social media.
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