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Art Meditation
Sunday, 25 September, 10:00
Art Space Studio
Adult 60€/ Child €30
Imagine you wake up on Sunday morning and immerse yourself in your inner world through meditation and art.

Returning to the roots of life and happiness, aligning yourself to the beauty of the World... You are a part of this incredible Opera, you are the very detail of the Canvas that makes the world breathtaking! Allow yourself to slow down, to free your mind and simply... feel!

This workshop is a collaboration with Futura. Futura is aerospace engineer, dance performer and a dance teacher. Some years ago, she met meditation and someone that could guide her through this powerful practice, and she could never live without since then. Mediation became a life changing practice for Futura.

The meditation session is followed by the art session. Here you forget about the result, get free from judgement and release yourself from any expectation! Simply create whatever feels great, choose the color you like, the material you prefer and create!

To finish the session some food and tea will be shared giving an opportunity to network and meet other attendees.

Place: Art Space Studio (421 rue de Neudorf, LU-2220 Luxembourg)
Time: 10:00 – 13:00

What is included:
  • Mediation session by Futura
  • All necessary art materials - canvas 40x40, acrylic paint, apron, plastic for protection and gloves

Bring your own yoga mat if available

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