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Interior Art Workshop
Sunday, 16 January, 15:00
Big Beer Company
Adult 75€/Child 55€
Create artworks perfect to fit modern interior design! This is a unique workshop that will introduce you to the world of modern art techniques using such exciting medias as gold leaf and structure paste.

This workshop combines the artworks from the famous Gold Art party and introduces you to 3D art - the art of creating structured paintings. You will learn how to apply gold leaf and how to work with structured paste - all you need to explore and create your own unique artworks! No prior art experience is required! Perfect for beginners!
Place: Restaurant Bar Brauerei - Big Beer Company 12 Rives de Clausen, 2165
Time: 15:00
Duration: 3h
What is included?
· One drink of your choice (beer, wine, non-alcoholic) and loads of finger food(cheese, charcuterie, flam)
· All necessary materials: textured paste, gold leaf, paint, canvas of different size (40x40, 40x50, 40x60, 50x70, 60x80), apron, gloves, golden spray paint etc.
· Choice of 15+ designs to recreate and guidance by the professional artist
- Demonstration on how to apply gold leaf and structured paste
To join the party please proceed with booking this event via website (payment via credit card) or you can also join by sending payment via bank transfer / digicash

Wire transfer: IBAN: LU72 0030 8906 3919 0000 / BIC: BGLLLULL / Anastasiia Kharina
DIGI CASH: +44 7867 207 815

Please mention you name, email for booking confirmation and art event you want to attend.

10% of revenues from this event are donated to pet shelters in Luxembourg

This is a COVID check event

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