Plein Air Neurographic Art, 31 August

Let's take Art to the Park! We will provide you with a light cover and a  cushion along with art materials to enjoy three hours art session in the park. We will meet next to Villa Vauban in the city center and head to the location.

No artistic abilities are required, only the interest in creating an artwork that is not only intuitive but greatly beneficial to our emotional and calming states. 

This branch of Art Therapy offers at least a moment of peace, serenity and an artistic piece to display proudly.

This awareness and mindfulness can turn stress into calm. Neurographic art has been used as a healing aid for everything from stress relief, anxiety, chronic pain, and grief among many more.

Neurographic art helps you with
  • Relieve stress
  • Manage internal and external conflicts
  • Transform negative thoughts and emotions into a resourceful state
  • Reconnect to yourself

What is included:
3 hour session by the certified coach
Art materials - paper, pencils, pens

Place: Villa Vauban, 18 Av. Emile Reuter, 2420 Ville-Haute Luxembourg
Time: 14:00 – 17:00

About Inspiraria
Inspiraria: Artistic pseudonym of Nina Kokhtashvili.
A graduate of the School of Fine Arts, she developed her personalized style working in oil paint on canvas and producing portraits in the “Dry brush” technique. Inspired since her childhood by mythology, she projects the magical and mysterious spirit in these creations.
Filigree patterns, fine lines, transparent details add a touch of sensual femininity to all of these works. Member of the European Academy of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Inspiraria exhibits these works in his native country and in Luxembourg.
Since 2018 Nina has been practicing the Neurography method and is currently studying to expand this knowledge in the field of psychology and art, to become an Art therapist.