Pencil & Charcoal Open Workshop, 30 August

Still life and academic drawing - this is how the path of many many artists starts. During this workshop you will be drawing from a 'live' still live set up.

Still life is perhaps the most popular genre, especially among those who are just learning the basics of artistic literacy. A still life can be composed of both familiar objects and the most original ones. And the production will “pose” for as long as it takes.

During this lesson you will:
  • Learn the laws of composition, deal with construction, perspective and foreshortening
  • Learn to work with simple pencils and use watercolor in your drawing
  • Realistically convey the volume of objects of different shapes
  • Depict textures: fabric, wood, metal, porcelain, glass, etc.

What is included:
  • 3h workshop with the professional artist
  • Art materials and tools you will need
  • Beverage - soft, tea, wine

Place: Art Space Studio – 421 rue de Neudorf, LU-2220 Luxembourg
Time: 18:00 – 20:30

We have a maximum capacity of 10 seats per event. To guarantee your place, we recommend booking your ticket through our website.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or an advanced artist – there’s something for everyone!

All of our paint designs are broken down by level, and come with detailed illustrations on how to paint them. You will also be painting under the watchful guidance of the artist at the event. The entire artistic retreat is designed for your enjoyment – so come try out a new hobby, or improve your existing skills!

Cancellation policy: Inform us at least 24h in advance to move your reservation or get reimbursement. Art Space cannot reimburse your participation after this date.

Photographic consent: We may invite photographer to the event to take photo/video for promotion purposes. If you don’t want to be on photo – please let Art Space staff know. Otherwise, we’ll accept your consent by default to use the photo on our website or social media.