Magick Curios and Divination 17 June

Open Entry from 13h till 17h - no need to book!

Magic is all around us! Take a chance to connect to your inner world with an approach routed in ancient practices, folk traditions and spirituality!
If curiosity brought you here, come meet me to discover more about divination and nature magic! You will have the opportunity to know more about tarot reading and other divination tools, and have to chance to query the Oracle if you wish!
The figure of the fortune teller is undoubtedly ambiguous and brings with it a lot of mystery and questions. It is my desire to redeem this role together with the ancient practice of connecting with nature to find energy and heal, and make use of nature’s gift to balance our life and find purpose.

During this event:
Tarot readings (40 minutes) - SPECIAL PRICE EUR 20 per person
For Purchase everything handmade and based on the principle of recycling and defend nature. everything is consecrated and charged with prayers or spells.
  • magic jar candles (soy wax and herbs)
  • oils: herbal oils and african magic oils
  • natural incenses and herbal fumigations
  • mojo bags (also called prayers in a bag, those are basically amulets wrapped in tissue) (afro-american tradition)
  • consecrated spell kit: a kit with everything you need to perform your ritual

Futura is an aerospace engineer and professional dancer working in Luxembourg, and she always shared a vivid interest in esoterism and spiritual practices. She studied Herbal Medicine and Naturopathy for two years and worked as health and meditation coach in Luxembourg and Italy. Her love for the occult, brought her to study Astrology and Divination. She earned the certificate from the Italian Academy of Esoteric Tarot, studied Nepalese and African traditions and deepened her interest in Greek-egyptian mythology. Not of less importance for her growth, she had the immense privilege to meet on her path a local witch doctor from Sorrento and studied with him traditional witchcraft finding the roots her southern Italian lineage. She has been practicing as rootworker and diviner for the last four years and only shared her talent with close friends.
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